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Linux, DevOps, IoT, SysAdmin & Cloud

Trust us to run, maintain, monitor and even develop the necessary tools and processes to run your business into the 4th Industrial Revolution.

Hardware & Software Development

Need a custom designed product? We design a wide range of products for our clients, ranging from low power sensor networks to vision systems using artificial intelligence.

Training, Courses & Mentoring

We believe in a hands-on approach when training our students to ensure that they will be able to apply what they have learned in their day-to-day lives. We run courses on various topics tailored to what we see and use in the industry.

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XRobotix is an independent technology company focusing on Education, Project Management, Software as well as Hardware Development and DevOps. XRobotix aims to advance students and tech-professionals through creative thinking and effective problem-solving techniques in an interactive and creative environment. Our vision is thus to equip the community and our clients with confidence, knowledge, and tools to have a competitive edge in our current technological world.

The company was established in terms of the South African Companies Act No 71 of 2008, with Reg No. 2015/335145/07 managed and represented by Jaco Bezuidenhout in his capacity as the Managing Director.

This is one of the things we do best

This disruptive software solution aims to allow sensors and external factors to start or report on certain business processes and tasks. This is done by combining powerful concepts of Enterprise Resource Planning and IoT to automate and monitor businesses, big and small.

Eye.O.T already helps companies in the food/retail, manufacturing, legal, medical and transportation industry and it scales to your needs — from anything as simple as temperature monitoring to a full-blown paperless business management system, EYE.O.T keeps an eye on things so you do not have to!

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